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Toronto's urban trees come in all different sizes and shapes due to the trees not having the support of the forest which would help them grow straight and tall. Our trees in the city joyously grow branches to catch all the suns rays so they can quickly develop, but it requires us to prune which make them more susceptible to pests and storms. That's how they arrive at our lot, these trees might not be like a perfect sawlog from an old growth forest or tree farm, but they have character much like our city. With the many branches, burls and twisted trunks, these trees are perfect for epoxy art or epoxy furniture!

We try our best to separate the unique lumber that comes our way, and we update our website after every kiln load, so if you would like to come to our yard to see a sneak peek or pick up one of these slabs feel free to take a look in the yard! 

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